National Speed Awareness Course

  • £90 (non-refundable)
  • Held Monday to Friday in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich and Lowestoft and on a Saturday in Ipswich only
  • You'll need to bring with your full photographic driving licence or passport
  • Parking available ( not guaranteed)
  • If the course needs to be rebooked, there is a £50 admin fee


Course details

The National Speed Awareness course is a 4 hour course (with a 15 minute break) designed for drivers who have exceed the legal speed limit.

This may have been due to a lapse in concentration or because of a lack of awareness of the limit for the road. The course contains a mixture of presentations, discussions and activities. We’re not going to lecture you or tell you that you have done something wrong. Instead we’re going to get you thinking about the consequences of speeding and to explore the advantages and disadvantages of speeding.

The course aim is to contribute towards safer communities by increasing clients’ intention to drive at an appropriate speed within the speed limit. 

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  • can pay by debit or credit card
  • cannot pay by cash, cheques or in instalments

Yes, only in exceptional circumstances.

Evidence will be required in certain situations. If you are offered a new date no further dates will be offered thereafter.

You'll have to pay £55 administration fee.

Call 0345 600 1291.


You must attend and complete the whole course, make a positive contribution through participating and show that you have a responsible attitude towards safe riding.

You must also show respect for others on the course and their health and safety.

  • Tea, coffee and water are provided free of charge
  • Snacks or meals aren't provided

You must arrive on time for your course.

Late arrivals may be refused entry and, unless under exceptional circumstances, will have their files returned to the Police and the offer of a Speed Awareness Course withdrawn.

Any re-booking will incur a fee of £50.00.

Call 0345 600 1291 if you need re-book.

You must complete the full course.

Failure to do so will result in your file being returned to the Police and the offer of a Speed Awareness Course withdrawn.

Any re-booking will incur a fee of £50.00.

Call 0345 600 1291 if you need re-book.

If you don't attend the course, and fail to provide evidence of exceptional circumstances, your file will be returned to the Police and you'll need to re-book.

Any re-booking will incur a fee of £50.00.

Call 0345 600 1291 if you need re-book.

Providing your chosen area can offer you the course you have been directed to, it may be possible to transfer your course to another area.

Visit for details of course venues.


Courses are only offered on a referral basis from the Police.


The Driver Education administration team will update the National Driver Offender Retraining (NDORS) database with your attendance. Your Police force will be notified accordingly.

You cannot attend another course within three years of the original offence.


Anyone who calls can access the same range of venues and dates as you can online.

All confirmed courses are open and available until fully booked. Additional courses are not available on request.

Courses are filled on a first come, first served basis and you will have to be prepared to travel if your first venue choice is unavailable.

Courses are offered as an alternative to Police prosecution and clients are expected to make themselves available to attend a course

Check you've entered your driving licence number correctly (as shown on the booking screen).

If you are still unable to book a course, you may have had your offer withdrawn and will need further assistance from the Road Safety team.

Call 0345 600 1291 or email:

We endeavour to make reasonable adjustments wherever possible.

Email or call 0345 600 1291 to discuss your requirements.