Driver Diversionary Courses Information 

Safe and Considerate Driving Course

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the delivery of Safe and Considerate Driving courses (SCD) has been suspended. If you have received a letter from the Police offering SCD as an alternative to prosecution, or have a query relating to an existing booking please call our office on: 0345 600 1291 between 09.00 & 16.30 Mon-Fri

Important Information

You will need to be in a private room, alone without disturbances and must not have anyone within your household who may require a degree or care or attention from you for the duration of the course. You must engage in the course throughout - clients must not switch off their webcam, leave the course or have other members of the household in the room with them (unless previously agreed). Clients should give their full attention to the course and not be distracted.

Please Note:

If you book and pay for your course online, it is assumed you meet the requirements above for taking an online course. If you decide at a later date your technology is not appropriate, you will NOT receive a full refund due to the costs of booking and processing the course.

You will only receive a partial refund, so please ensure you have read the information and are able to take part BEFORE booking.

(Updated May 2022)


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