What’s Driving Us? (iWDU)

iWDU was developed by the UKROEd Research and Development Unit for people who cannot attend the classroom based What’s Driving Us? course in person.

What’s Driving Us? is a 3 hour digital course designed for clients referred for reasons including: offences relating to driving without due care and attention, control or consideration, including tailgating; traffic light offences; crossing a solid white line; stopping, overtaking or failing to give precedence in zebra/puffin/pelican areas; stopping at school gates; and contravening a no-entry sign. Clients are referred to What’s Driving Us? as an alternative to a Fixed Penalty Notice. The course increases clients’ awareness and understanding of:

  • the causes and negative consequences of risky and inconsiderate driving
  • the importance of concentration, observation, anticipation and allowing adequate space and time
  • the reasons why their own driving may be unsafe or inconsiderate.

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How much does the course cost?

The cost of the course is ninety pounds (£90 GBP) This fee is non-refundable and is payable at the time of booking your course by credit or debit card.  We cannot accept any other forms of payment.

Can I pay by instalments?

No. The course must be paid for in full, online at the time of booking.

Where will the course be held?

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic, all face to face classroom courses have been suspended. The course can only be accessed online, using Zoom.

When are courses available?

Courses are available Monday to Saturday, a.m and p.m.

Please note: late arrivals will not be allowed to join the course 

How many people will be on the course?

There is likely to be another 8 people joining the online course.

Is there a test? Can I fail?

There is no test, but you must be present and complete the whole course, make a positive contribution through participating and show that you have a responsible attitude towards safe driving. You must also show respect for others on the course and their health and safety.

I have special needs, can these be accommodated?

We endeavour to make reasonable adjustments wherever possible. Please contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements at: NDORS.courses@suffolk.gov.uk or telephone: 0345 600 1291 PRIOR TO BOOKING

What do I need to join the course?

Please ensure that you have your driving licence readily available. The easiest way to verify your identity is for you to show the trainer your photocard licence. If your licence does not include a photograph you will need to provide additional photographic evidence, such as a passport, or suitable alternative. You will not be able to participate without photographic ID. You will also need a pen and paper.

Can I have someone with me to help with the technology?

If you need some help with joining the course you may have someone at home to help you register, but they must leave before the course starts. Please let us know you may need extra help by calling 0345 600 1291 to discuss your needs. We may be able to offer log-in support by having a member of staff available to talk you through the  process at the start of your course if you have noone at home to help.

Can I change my course date?

Course dates can only be changed in exceptional circumstances and in most cases, changing your course date will incur a £50 charge.

What happens if I join late?

The online course will be locked at the course start time and you will not be admitted. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, you will have your file returned to the Police and the offer of a course withdrawn.

What happens if I lose connection or log out early?

You are required to complete the full course.

If you lose connection, you should call the office on: 0345 600 1291 to re-book. If you log out early or fail to contact the office to re-book after losing connection, your file will be returned to the Police and the offer of a course will be withdrawn.

If connection is lost at ANY point during the course, the full course must be taken again in order to avoid further action. Should you lose connection during the course, we will endeavour to provide up to two further attempts free of charge subject to availabilty and Police timescales.

What happens if I do not log into the course?

If you do not attempt to log into the online course, you would be marked as 'not attended' and your file would usually be returned to the Police. If you call the office to re-book and your file is still open, we may be able to book you onto another course. Re-booking will incur a £50 fee.

Can I take part voluntarily?

No, at this time courses are only offered on a referral basis from the Police.

Do I need to inform the police I have attended?

No, the Driver Education administration team will update the National Driver Offender Retraining (NDORS) database with your attendance. Your Police force will be notified accordingly.

What happens after the course?

Upon successful completion of the course the Police may notify the client that no further action will be taken in regard to that particular incident. The client’s name will, however, be held on the Police NDORS database for a minimum period of three years from the date of the offence.

If I offend again, will I be able to attend another course?

If you are involved in another incident falling under the same criteria within a three year period of your original offence, you cannot be offered another course in lieu of Police proceedings.

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