Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO)

  • JRSOs are pupils from year 4 and above, who promote road safety.
  • Simple to run, we just need a named adult contact.
  • Resources provided free of charge.


This is a good approach because…

Peer educators can communicate and understand in a way that the best-intentioned adults can't, and can serve as role models for change. Peer educators can help raise awareness, provide accurate information, and help their classmates develop skills to change behaviour." – UNICEF

JRSO Resources

Sign your school up (Email link)
JRSO Application Form (Microsoft Word document)
JRSO Job Description (Microsoft Word document)

JRSO Useful Links

FAQs for adults

Is this going to be a lot of work for me?

NO it's going to be as little or as much work as you want it to be.

How do we pick the JRSOs?

  • Download the Application Form (above).
  • Download the Job Description (above).
  • Get the pupils to write their application (above).
  • Simply choose pupils you want to be involved.
  • If you have run the scheme before, get previous JRSOs to set up interviews
  • You can recruit  2 to 4 JRSOs. They must be from year 4 or above

What training is there?

SCC Road Safety will arrange a visit to meet with the named adult and the chosen JRSOs where they will be given basic information and ideas to get started.

What could the children find themselves doing?

What is the role of the named adult?

As the “go to” person within the school that oversees the JRSOs activities.

How does our school get an award?

  • By keeping the record of all activities in the scrapbook – taking photos ensuring that all the JRSO activities are reflected in the book.
    • Bronze –Being actively involved in the scheme and producing a scrapbook with a record of basic activities that have been engaged in.
    • Silver –All that they have done for Bronze PLUS communicating with parents.
    • Gold –As Above but proof of community engagement  e.g notices in local shops, parish newsletters, writing to local Councillors/MPs, etc.
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