School Parking

School parking road markings

Many vehicles arriving outside  schools at the same time can make it more difficult for children to safely access the school.  There is increased potential for pedestrians to be injured.  It also causes issues for residents with cars blocking the road and their driveways.

From the 6th of April 2020, Civil Parking Enforcement will operate across Suffolk to clamp down on inconsiderate and dangerous parking, including around schools.

What is Civil Parking Enforcement?

Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) is where local authorities enforce parking restrictions. This includes:

  • Parking on yellow lines
  • Parking on School Keep Clear zig zag lines
  •  Parking in areas with restrictions in place (such as pay and display, or residents only).

Anyone caught committing a parking violation will receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), requiring them to pay a penalty charge.

Why is this being introduced?

CPE is being introduced to help tackle parking issues, including around schools. Inconsiderate, illegal and dangerous parking outside school entrances can cause significant problems. These issues are particularly problematic during school pick-up and drop off times. These include:

  • Increasing the risk of pedestrian accidents (particularly children)
  • Preventing residents from accessing and leaving their homes
  • Destroying grass verges in the area
  • Reducing air quality due to a build-up of congestion
  • Increasing the likelihood of traffic jams and queues
  • Causing tension between schools, parents and neighbours

How Does it Affect Me?

You must always keep Zig Zag lines clear.

  • Keep clear means you cannot stop under any circumstances (except emergencies). Drivers must keep moving. It is prohibited to:
    • Park
    • Park with the engine still running
    • Stop to drop off/pick up passengers before leaving
    • Stop due to traffic
  • It is prohibited to stop or park on zig zag lines, even during holidays and weekends. It is an offence and is likely to result in a penalty charge.

Where can I report illegal parking from 6 April?

You can help keep the roads safe by reporting areas and incidents of illegal parking.

This can be done on the following websites:

If you don’t know which council to contact, you can view which areas they cover on a map here: SuffolkBoroughCouncilMap

Further information

For further information about Civil Parking Enforcement, please click on this link for FAQs.

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