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Ranelagh School have introduced Suffolk’s first School Street scheme.

Ranelagh Primary School Headteacher, Mrs Nicola Ling, said: “We are really excited to be the first school in Suffolk to be involved in this scheme.  By reducing traffic directly outside of the school entrance, we hope that our families will have a much safer and healthier journey to school.  This trial is testament to the hard work of our Junior Road Safety Officers and the staff and Governors that have worked alongside them. We are also grateful for the support of our local businesses - by working together we can hopefully make the area less stressful and congested for all at key times.”

Cllr Nadia Cenci said, “I'm very happy to support the School Street scheme that promotes health and safety using partnership working with businesses and Ranelagh Primary school.  Safety outside schools has become a real concern for parents and teachers alike and I feel this provides a sensible approach in solving congestion, reducing pollution and ensuring the wellbeing of our children.”

Here are some photos of Paul’s Rd, outside the school entrance showing what it was like on a typical school day at parent’s dropping off and collection times, before the School Streets scheme started.


Here is the same location on Paul’s Rd after the School Street scheme has launched, and it has instantly become a safe, congestion-free area.


The scheme is run by volunteers and school staff – some of them are shown in the photos at the top of the page, together with the Junior Road Safety Officers and Cllr Nadia Cenci.


Are road closures legal?

Yes – initially a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be in place. This will be converted across to a Permanent Traffic Regulation Order once the school and SCC have decided that they are both happy with the scheme and want to continue, taking into account the views of residents.
It would be intended that the conversion of the closure from being temporary to permanent takes place without any disruption to the scheme on a daily basis.

How long will the closures operate each morning and afternoon?

Each scheme may well be different and will reflect local needs – the closures will be the same every day, during term time only, and will last for no more than one hour for each morning and afternoon session.

I’m a resident living within the area that is proposed to be closed off – can I drive out, or drive home during the closures?

Yes, if absolutely necessary you can do, and you would be escorted by a marshal, driving at walking pace only. However, we would prefer you to plan your journeys at other times if possible.

I’m a resident – can visitors drive to my property during the closures?

Visitors should park outside the closed area and then walk to visit you, or travel outside of the closure times.

I’m a resident – will I be able to leave home, or go home, in an emergency?

Yes, you will be able to, but only driving at walking pace with a marshal accompanying you.

I’m a resident and have a delivery coming – will this be allowed through?

Please ask the company to avoid delivering during closure times if you can. Deliveries are not considered essential and may be asked to wait until after the session has ended.
Delivery drivers will not be allowed to drive through the area just to ‘take a short cut’.

I run a business within a School Street restricted area – can my customers drive to or from my premises?

Yes, they can – but this must be at walking pace and accompanied by a marshal.  

As a disabled driver, I park outside the school – can I still do this when the closure is introduced?

Yes – make yourself known to the marshal and they will escort your vehicle at walking pace to the area outside the school.

Will school buses be able to still drive to the school within the closed area?

Yes – school buses will be able to serve the school within the zone, driving at walking pace and escorted by a marshal.

Can public transport drive through the closed area?

Yes, public service buses can drive through the closed area, escorted by a marshal, driving at walking pace.

Do the closures apply in school holidays?

No, they’re term time only.

Will they apply in bad weather and if the school is closed?

Yes, the closure still applies if it is during term time.

I’m a cyclist, can I ride through the restricted area?

Yes – motorised vehicles are restricted, and this creates a pedestrian, cycle and scoot zone – you can cycle through but you need to remember that it’s a pedestrian area, and be mindful of people walking and playing here.

Who are the volunteer marshals?

Marshals can be school staff or volunteers from the community like parents, grandparents, or those willing to support the scheme, the school and their community.
They are volunteers and do not need to have a DBS check.

How do I become a volunteer marshal?

Marshals must be over 18 – please contact the school direct, or e-mail and they will share your contact details with the school concerned.

Are marshals paid?

No – they are volunteers and should be thanked and respected for giving up their time to make children’s journeys to and from school safer, and for trying to improve the area outside a school.

Any further queries about the scheme, or would you like to introduce a School Streets scheme at your school?

Please contact us by e-mailing

Further details can be found on the application pack below

School Streets Information Pack 


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