The Suffolk Road Safe Team are now delivering sessions for families who want to cycle more regularly, whether to keep fit, to commute to work or school, or to go and visit friends!  The team can work with you to support your efforts by making sure that your riding skills are refreshed, and you have strategies for dealing with road situations that might concern you.

The session will be about 3 hours long and free of charge. They will come to you, chat about what you are trying to achieve, and then work on your route or specific challenges that you have.

Based on the National Standards for Cycling, and appropriate content from the Bikeability scheme, our fully qualified National Standard Cyclist Trainers will:

  • show you how to ride with your children so that you can help them gain confidence;
  • teach you a simple system for remembering how to deal with different road scenarios;
  • work with you to improve your safety at any junctions you use;
  • guide you in using your road position to control other road users and enhance your safety.

Priority will initially be given to families who want to cycle with their children, but whatever you require Suffolk Road Safe will endeavour to make it happen!

Please note:  To ensure maximum safety during the sessions, the team have had to limit the age at which we can allow youngsters to be on the road. If you have children of 8 years old and above , the team can ride with you and them on the roads. For children 7 and below, the team will ride with parents and tell you how to ride correctly and how to protect the children as they cycle.

To book your free session, please email :
and John Showell - Road Safety Officer (Bikeability) - will arrange for a trainer to contact you.



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