Cyclists and Horse Riders

Young Cyclists

Cyclist training is usually the first time children get guided education about being a road user.

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Female Cyclist

Adult and Family Cycling

Adult cyclists can undertake Level 3 Bikeability training.

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Free Cycling sessions

Free Family Cycling Sessions

The Suffolk Road Safe Team are now delivering sessions for families who want to cycle more regularly, whether to keep fit, to commute to work or school, or to go and visit friends!

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Cyclists and drivers

Sharing the Road

As more and more people take up cycling for sport, for fun, and for health, there has been an explosion in the numbers of riders who join a club and take part in group rides.

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Horse Riders and Cyclists

Many different groups of road users can be found on Suffolk's roads, and all groups have to learn to share the space safely. Cyclists often encounter horse riders as both groups enjoy riding down the smaller country roads.

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Horse Riding

Horse riders are one of the most vulnerable groups on the road.  The British Horse Society has lots of useful information for both drivers and riders.

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